WELCOME TO DOME ADVENTURES - The place to be when it comes to exploring yourself and the Vredefort Dome!!

We are only an hour and a half drive southwest from Johannesburg on the banks of the Vaal River between Parys and Potchefstroom. Our activities are managed from Venterskroon Base camp, an old gold mining village dating back to the late 1800's.

Dome Adventures offers all "the Dome" experiences. The region is truly worthwhile exploring and we boast a range of tours, trails and adventures that will suit every visitors taste in both mountain and river experiences, as well as learning more about the unique geology and history of this great outdoors venue.

The mountains that surround the Vaal River were created 2023 million years ago when a massive meteorite struck earth with a devastating blow, the largest and oldest identifiable meteorite impact structure in the world. The rebound effect of the meteorite impact completely overturned the rock layers bringing gold bearing conglomerates closer to the surface. It was once was believed that the gold deposits in the mountains surrounding Venterskroon were richer than the Johannesburg goldfields.

The area has many historical sites ranging from ancient bushman etchings to Anglo-Boer war battle sites. One truly gets a look into so many of the facets of life in Southern Africa when visiting this historical area.  

The Vredefort Dome was declared a World Heritage site in 2005 adding to the unique tourist destinations of our beautiful country.

We have accommodation options that will suit the needs of couples, friends, families or larger groups.


 Please feel free to fill in a booking enquiry to receive a free quote or to make a booking. To ensure that we have space please finalize bookings before arrival.




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